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Smart Grid

Technical information for SGIM by BeEnergy SG
Supply voltage: 100 VACmin .. 240VACmax / 47Hz .. 63Hz
Power consumption: max. 25VA
Operation Temperature: -5°C .. +55°C nominal -20°C .. +70°C derating
Relative humidity: 0% .. 90% no condensation
Insulation protection: EN 61010-1
Environmental protection: IP 21
RS 232: 300 .. 115200 Baud
RS 485: 300 .. 115200 Baud
Ethernet electrical: fibre-optical: 10/100BaseT 100BaseLX10 SC Duplex single-mode
Bluetooth 4.0  
Radio UMTS: LTE: LoRaWAN: Mini SIM – SMA Antenna Mini SIM – SMA Antenna 868MHz – RF 2-10km – Class A 1.0.1
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TCU Transformer Monitoring System

Transformers are amongst the most important equipment for electricity generation and transmission. The TCU Transformer Monitoring System provides the highest level of transformer management and allows the transformer operator to make the right decisions. · Prevents unplanned energy outages · Improves staff safety · Protects the environment · Optimum transformer management · Overload · Current operating time · Cummulative ageing · Diagnostic and analysis Click for the Leaflet