Automatic Test Systems

Our focus is on executing perfectly the critical processes and steps for an efficient meter test system.For increasing the output volume, global meter manufacturers are asking for solutions to modernize their production processes and enhancing their efficiency.MTE´s Automatic Test Systems are the answer for a sustainable increase in the output (testing) volume of single- or three-phase meters while improving the productivity.Due to the comprehensive, flexible and modular system components, MTE is able to provide the optimal customer orientated solution for the volume production of meters.Whatever the needs, wherever the customers, MTE has the innovative solutions and the focus to contribute to the efficiency, profitability and quality of our customers.

Key Advantages
Reduced cycle time and less manpower
Increasing throughput and better productivity
Easy handling and fast loading / unloading of meters
Horizontal alignment of meters, no readjustment of scanning heads needed
High degree of automation and standardization
Process optimization and operational excellence
High testing reliability and repeatability
Accurate and verified testing results
Single manufacturing cell

Principal system characteristics
Individual MTE system components (electronic power sources,reference standards, error evaluation systems, scanning heads etc.)
Customized degree and choice of system automation (automatic or fully automatic Smart Test System)
Integration of various test modules
Definition of number of measuring positions and
throughput of meters