Product Supply

TCU Transformer Monitoring Systems (100% are produced in our own domestic production facilities)
Gas Monitoring Systems,
Busing Monitoring Systems,
Temperature Sensors
Portable Testing equipment
Portable gas monitoring systems
Portable Etalon Meter Testing Equipment
Stationary Test Equipment
Stationary gas monitoring systems
Counter adjustment tables
Thermal Camera
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Test Systems
Smart Grid equipment and SCADA Systems
We are the sole representative of world-famous brands in the field of Power System monitoring software in Turkey and regional countries.

Technical Support

We provide Technical Service within and after the after-sales warranty periods related to our products that we have supplied, both periodic maintenance services and possible fault notifications that may come from our customers.

Taking into account the functions of the products we have supplied, we provide service services with the capacity to intervene instantly during and after the warranty period for our products that we have carried out installation and commissioning studies.


We provide comprehensive training on the use of all our products that we have supplied to all our customers after sales, installation and commissioning.
In addition to these trainings, with the contributions of our international business partners, we organize special seminars for our customers in different regions of Turkey and in different business areas and provide informational trainings about our new technology products in order to respond to the needs of all our customers in our country that may arise over time.
We are able to provide the user training that we have provided after the sales, installation and commissioning of our products again in accordance with customer demand.
With the trainings we have provided, we aim to ensure that our customers can obtain maximum efficiency from the products we have supplied.


• We carry out turnkey projects on solar energy systems, obtaining and tracking legal processes related to licensing and necessary permits during the development of projects, product selection, physical construction works.
o In addition to designing projects, we provide consultancy on product procurement and provide product procurement.
• In the field of wind farms, we carry out the work of obtaining and tracking the legal processes related to licensing and necessary permits, selecting products, preparing specifications for physical construction works during the development phase of projects.
o In addition to designing projects, we provide consultancy on product procurement and provide product procurement.

• We provide consultancy services on the development of projects related to distribution automation and similar works in the Energy Sector, monitoring of legal processes and installation issues.