MTE Energy Systems Services A, which started operating in June 2012.Sh. Turkey has taken its place in the energy sector in terms of product supply, sales, installation commissioning and after-sales service services.

Used in order to detect internal faults that may occur in power transformers, which are one of the most important equipment in the energy sector, before the fault occurs and to prevent the occurrence of the fault by taking the necessary precautions;

  • TCU Transformer Monitoring Systems,
  • Gas Monitoring Systems,
  • Busing Monitoring Systems,

We provide sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales service services of Temperature Sensors.

Ensuring that all types of 3-phase 4-wire meters used in high-voltage networks can be tested on-site under conditions defined in EN Standards

  • Portable Testing equipment and
  • We are engaged in the sale of Stationary Testing Devices.

In the overhead lines and substations located in the high voltage network, it is used to detect loose connection points, especially guiding the maintenance programs of the network operator, ensuring that possible failures can be detected and necessary measures can be taken by detecting possible failures without a malfunction.;

We are selling Thermal Cameras.
Offering the possibility of remote access and monitoring in the operation and monitoring of distribution networks,

We are engaged in the sale of Smart Grid equipment, systems and SCADA Systems.

In addition to our services related to high voltage installations in the energy sector,

  1. We provide sales and testing services for E-Mobility Charge Test equipment used in the tests of electric vehicle charging stations, which are rapidly becoming widespread today.
  2. We are carrying out turnkey projects on solar energy systems.
  3. We provide consultancy services in the Energy Sector both on project development, monitoring of legal processes and installation issues.
  4. The TCU-Transformer Monitoring System is directly our own production and all related software is prepared by our team.
  5. We are the only authorized representative of all the products we sell.

Turkey Electricity Transmission A.S, Electricity Generation A.Sh. we are partnering with the Government, which is the largest customer of large power transformers, and SOCAR and similar private sector customers in their projects.

  • We are in cooperation with all Power Transformer manufacturers in our country.
  • We are not only selling to the Turkish Sunday, but also providing service to countries in our region such as IRAQ and AZERBAIJAN.