Bushing Monitoring System

·Complete on-line transformer monitoring and bushing monitoring system in conjunction with Hydrocal 1005 and 1008.

·No more off-line testing and shutting down of the transformers to measure the capacitance and the dissipation / power factor.

·Simultaneous measurement of up to six bushing leakage currents.

·Compatibility to various transformer test taps and bushing types The Bushing Monitor, which is an extension package to the Hydrocal 1005 and 1008 is a permanently installed on-line bushing monitoring system. It continuously measures up to six leakage currents, tests the power factor and the capacitance values.

·Moreover, the bushing monitoring system, which has been developed in cooperation with MTE Energy Systems & Services A.Ş., monitors the condition of bushings, the capacitance coupled voltage transformers (CCVT`s) and the free standing CT`s.

·By providing this additional value, MTE Energy Systems & Services A.Ş. answers the fact that bushing failures are considered as one of the major causes for transformer outages.