Clamp-on CT’s up to 1000 A

The precision clip-on CT’s has been designed for the measurements of currents in the range of 100 mA up to 1000 A. Their small size makes them particularly handy when working in cramped spaces such as meter installations or circuit breaker boards.

1000 A measurement, excellent metrology, high accuracy, height level of linearity, symmetrical coil windings for minimum phase shift, pendular adjusting system for magnetic elements, maxi- mum conductor diameter Ø 52 mm

Innovative design, ergonomic shape, handle with finger grips, assisted opening system for jaws (patented system).

Safety standards IEC 1010 600, V CAT III (in- dustry and services), anti-slipping protection, conductor anti-pinching system, etc.

All this unparalleled technology and quality of manufacturing to get the best measurement possible without any complications.

The precision clip-on CT’s are compatible with MTE’s test equipment to measure perfectly any AC currents, both safely and without breaking the circuit.