FLEX 3000

Flexible Current Transformers

The flexible current transformers FLEX 3000 ensure safe, accurate and non-intrusive measurements in applications that may be completely inaccessible with conventional current clamps and probes.
The probes provide a linear voltage output that is an exact replica of the input waveform for three user selectable input current ranges of 30, 300 or 3000 Amperes. The standard 610 mm flexible conductor allows a measuring diameter of up to 194 mm.


• Ideal for large and hard to reach conductors • Flexible and lightweight, less than a quarter
of the weight of conventional CTs
• No restrictions with regard to duty cycle or overload current

• Selectable current ranges of 30/300/3000A • AC coupled mV output proportional to measured current
• Accuracy: Ein + Em
Ein: Accuracy of instrument input
Em: Accuracy specified by manufacturer
Basic specifications for 45 Hz … 65 Hz: Accuracy: ± 1 % of range Phase error: < ± 1°
Position sensitivity: ± 2 % of reading