Hydrocal 1004 genX

· Measurement of Hydrogen (H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Acetylene (C2H2) Measurement of moisture (H2O) in oil.
· Easy installation on a transformer valve. (G 1½“ DIN ISO 228-1 or 1½” NPT ANSI B 1.20.1)
· Provides easy installation to the working transformer without any operational interruptions.
· Maintenance-free system thanks to fewer moving parts.
· 7” color TFT capacitive touch screen provides advanced software that provides intuitive operation with WLAN and Web server.
· The ability to operate from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
· Communication interfaces provide MODBUS® RTU/ASCII, MODBUS support with ETHERNET 10/100 Mbit/s/RJ 45 or fiber optic/SC Duplex) and RS 485.
· TCP, DNP3, proprietary communication protocols and substation communication protocol IEC 61850.
· Optional external I/O module.