K2008 is a three-phase comparator of accuracy class 0.005 (50ppm) with direct voltage and current inputs. It has been designed for universal laboratory and test applications and is intended for checking and the calibration of reference standards for electrical power and energy. In addition, it can be integrated into meter or reference standard test systems of highest accuracy.


  • Wide range voltage input 30 … 520 V (phase – neutral)
  • Wide range current input 1 mA … 160 A
  • DC standard input of 1 VDC / 10 VDC •Large 9” (800 x 480 pixels) TFT touch screen colour dis-play with graphical user interface
  • Data transfer and communication via USB (Type B), ETHERNET or WLAN
  • Data storage on removable SD memory card
  • Two USB (type A) connectors for connection of periph-erals like mouse, keyboard
  • Built in web server for remote display of graphical user interface and remote control of the unit


  • Active, reactive and apparent power / energy measurement for three phase, 3- or 4-wire systems with inte-grated error calculator with 3 pulse inputs for testing of reference standards
  • 3-phase electrical measurements, vectorial analysis, harmonic and waveform display
  • 3 programmable pulse outputs (one electrical and optical) for calibration and integration in test systems
  • Synchronisation inputs for sample frequency and signal period
  • Verification against DC standards and frequency standards