PTS 3.3 genX

The PTS 3.3 genX portable test system consists of an integrated three-phase current and voltage source unit and a three-phase electronic reference standard of accuracy class 0.05. Characteristic features of the PTS 3.3 genX are its wide measuring range, high accuracy and high tolerance to unwanted external influences.The PTS 3.3 genX allows the monitoring of meter installations as well as analysis of the local mains conditions.
·Easy verification of meters under precise load conditions, using the built-in, compact, current and voltage source.
·Automatic operation with predefined load points without the need for an external PC.
·Large 9” (800 x 480 pixels) TFT touch screen colour display with graphical user interface.
·Data transfer and communication via USB (Type B), ETHERNET or WLAN.
·Built in web server for remote display of graphical user interface and remote control of the unit.
·Data storage on removable SD memory card.
·Two USB (type A) connectors for connection of peripherals like mouse, keyboard.
·Independent generation of single- or three-phase loading conditions for verification of meters.
·Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement for three phase, 3 or 4-wire, systems with integrated error calculator with 2 pulse inputs (1 configurable as output).
·Vector diagram, harmonics spectrum, wave form and rotary field display for analysis of the mains conditions.
·Burden measurement of Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT).
·Ratio testing of Current Transformers (CT).