CheckMeter 2.3 genX

The CheckMeter 2.3 genX Portable Standard Meter is a three-phase portable electronic meter test unit of accuracy class 0.2, used for testing single and three-phase electricity meters on-site. The unit has direct voltage inputs and one UCT Universal Current Transducer input, which can be used with different independent transducers to measure the current with clamp-on CT’s or direct or with high voltage current sensors.The UCT 120.3 set of 3 active error compensated clamp-on CT’s in the range 10 mA …120 A is included in the standard accessories.The CheckMeter 2.3 genX can be upgraded to class 0.1,if the optional UCT I.3-12A input box for direct current connection is used.

·Large 7” (800 x 480 pixels) TFT touch screen colour display with graphical user interface.
·Data transfer and communication via USB (Type B) and WLAN.
·Built in web server for remote display of graphical user inter-face and remote control of the unit.
·Data storage on removable SD memory card.
·Independent UCT sets of current transducers allow service, calibration or later purchase of clamp-on CTs or current sen-sors without factory return of the device.