Portable Phantom Load PPS 3.3 genX

·The PPS 3.3 genX is a powerful and portable threephase current and voltage source. All test values are generated absolutely synthetically with a high degree of accuracy and stability.

Advantages of the PPS 3.3 genX
·Three-phase portable precision type source with single-phase mains supply.
·Current and voltage source facilities can be selected independently.
·Large 9” (800 x 480 pixels) TFT touch screen colour display with graphical user interface.
·Indication of load values, vector diagram and waveform.
·Current, voltage and phase shift are adjustable to high accuracy individual per phase.
·The values set are stabilised by digital and analogue control.
·Generation of harmonics (up to 31st).
·Generation of ripple control signals
·Data transfer and communication via USB (Type B), ETHERNET or WLAN
·Built in web server for remote display of graphical user interface and remote control of the unit.
·Data storage on removable SD memory card.
·Two USB (type A) connectors for connection of peripherals like mouse, keyboard.