The K 2006 is a three phase comparator which has
been especially developed for universal laboratory
and test area use. It is intended for checking and
calibration of reference standard power and energy
meters, for calibration of precision current and voltage
sources and for verification of electrical standard
measurements and electricity meter test systems.
The unit uses analogue – digital converters (ADCs)
for its data acquisition, these being controlled and
read by a digital signal processor (DSP).
The comparator may be directly connected to an
external computer system over its RS 232 C serial
The comparator is distinguished by having very wide
measuring ranges for all AC values while still being
of accuracy class 0.01%:
Voltage: 30 V … 500 V
Current: 50 mA … 160 A.
In addition low currents from 1 mA are measured.
Range selection may be made either manually or
The advanced conception of the K 2006 Comparator
is based on our considerable previous experience of
reference standard meters and comparators. The
instrument is capable of measuring all principle parameters
of a mains frequency network, from 15 to
70 Hz, and harmonics up to 3500 Hz.
The basic accuracy of the system is 0.01%. The
transfer error of the unit can be verified at any time
by using an external DC reference voltage.

• Excellent price / performance ratio
• Universal unit for many applications
• One wide range input for each signal: Voltage:
30 V – 500 V
Current: 1 mA – 160 A
• High precision and long term stability
• Can be used with computer system
• Automatic range switching
• Analogue – digital data acquisition with 6 x ADCs
• Verification against D.C. reference voltage
• Error calculator for test of reference standard
• Harmonics measurement up to 32nd
• Display of vector diagram or waveform